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welcome to hotel west


Hotel WEST is a small family-run hotel in the center of Patreksfjörður.

The building has a long history for the town and was the main market hall in the last century selling groceries to the “Patreksfirðingar” and near-by countryside.


We opened the doors in May 2014 after transforming the building into the hotel it is today.

The interior of the hotel is timeless and is designed to enhance the beautiful environment that surrounds it.


The hotel is located in the centre of Patreksfjörður and is Europe's most westerly town. The town centre has a swimming pool, a few restaurants, a pharmacy, and two grocery shops within a short walk. The fishing harbour is vivid at daybreak and again in the early afternoon when boats get back with their catch of the day, making the fish market active.

We look forward to continuing to welcome guests from all over the world who wish to explore the beautiful yet isolated Westfjords. It is our aim and pleasure to be a part of the experience and we like to help in any way we can to make your stay here in the southern Westfjord as enjoyable as possible - so don’t hesitate to contact us in the lobby upon your arrival.

Our hotel has an indoor breakfast area, a TV lounge and a large patio for our customers to take in the views whilst enjoying breakfast (when the weather allows) or a drink in the afternoon/evening.


we care for the environment

At Hotel WEST we have made a commitment to protect the environment and want to ensure the future generations can enjoy it too. We know that all businesses will influence the environment and society with their activities and our hotel is no exception. Therefore, we have formulated an environmental plan for the hotel and our customers.​

Our commitments to the nature are as follow:

  • Avoid contaminating land, air and water by reducing waste as much as possible and recycle for our hotel, and guests.

  • Purchase goods for the hotel's business in the local area, where possible, to support employment in the local community and reduce the shipping footprint.

  • Train our staff and make our guests aware of our environmental commitments and provide information on how they too can participate.

  • Continue improving our environmental footprint and resolve any environmental issues in the area

  • Work accordingly to the guidelines of the Icelandic Quality and Environmental System, Vakinn.



At Hotel WEST we strive to make our guests feel at home, so comfort is essential to us.
Our reception staff is on hand to assist our guests with weather and road information, or for booking trips and activities. We like to lend a hand in assistance with luggage and/or luggage storage. There is also an option to place your valuables in locked storage should you need it and have plenty of ideas for places to eat in Patreksfjörður or neighbouring towns should you get hungry. Don’t hesitate to pop down to the reception should any questions arise during your stay with us.

  • Extra pillow or blanket

  • Hair Dryer

  • Alarm Clock

  • Adapters

The reception also holds a small bar for our guests. There you can purchase non-alcoholic sodas or alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer, for you to enjoy either in your room or out on the patio should you wish to relax at the end of the day.

We furthermore offer a small vanity kit, tooth brush kit, shaving kit or sewing kits for guests to purchase in the reception. 


Please note we do not have TV in the rooms but instead a shared TV lounge where our guests can watch TV and converse with guests from around the world.

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